I first moved to Alaska from New Mexico with a friend in 2004, looking for adventure. What I found inspired me to put down roots and settle in this great state. Alaska presented me with a wide range of experiences and job opportunities, and by seizing those, I was able to pay my way though college at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. I completed my education at UAA and graduated with a BA in History, and a minor in Economics.

Even before I finished my degree, I had already decided that I wanted to spend the rest of my life in Alaska, exploring its possibilities.

I have been fortunate to travel frequently, both domestically and abroad, and despite visiting many wonderful places, Alaska calls me home.

Alaska’s unique proximity to Russia offers the United States several distinct opportunities in the areas of trade, commerce, and tourism. I embarked on a mission to teach myself Russian, which I have done, and I consider my education on the country, and the potential partnership opportunities with Alaska to be ongoing.

I have worked in the IT industry since 2010. My job primarily focuses on finding IT solutions for Alaskan companies. This career has allowed me to gain insights into many of the industries in our state, and to learn about the challenges they face. Now it’s time to give back to the state that has provided me with a stellar education, and a career path that exceeded my expectations.

I am currently the president of the Taku/Campbell Community Council. I have previously served as secretary of the board and chair of the Federation for Community Councils. I also currently sit on the board of the Alaska Institute for Justice and serve as secretary of the board. I have been a member of my homeowners association, River Park, since 2013. I served one term on the Chugach Electric bylaws committee and was elected chair for one year. 

Presidential candidate Ron Paul sparked my interest in politics during the debates preceding the 2008 election. I was off to the races with my new hobby and obsession.

My decision to run for State Senate springs from a deepening concern about our future as Alaskans. I invite you to learn more about my candidacy by clicking here.

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